VOICeVIO is a research group for speech and singing synthesis technologies.

  • Project VOICeVIO(Open Source Projects)
    • CeVIO SFE [Archived]
    • VOICe SFE [Paused]
    • VOCAL SFE [Archived]
    • CeVIO.SFE-API [Paused]
    • VOICe.SFE-API [Planning]
    • CeVIO SE (CeVIO Unofficial English Version) [Archived]
    • VOICe.SFE.KokoroNashi (VOICEROID2 Emotion Patch for non-emotion voices)
    • VOICe.SFE.Nodoame (VOICEROID2 Locale Patch) 密码:4854
    • CeVIO.SFE.Nodoame (CeVIO Locale Patch) [Archived]
    • VOICEROID2 Otomachi Una & Galaco (V2 Port)
  • Trello for VOICeVIO
  • VOICeVIO Sponsors
    • You can become a VOICeVIO Sponsor if you provide voicebank's installation file we need. Providing the file won't affect your usage and you will get my helps on VOICeVIO related softwares (CeVIO, VOICEROID series, Sinsy etc.).
    • Voices Wanted:
      • IA English Beta (require release permission)
      • 樱乃空(VOICEROID2 桜乃そら)(require release permission)
      • 东北伊达子(VOICEROID2 Itako)(require release permission)


Links:cevio吧  CeVIO官网

Contact: wdwxy12345{at}gmail.com



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